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And the winner is…

Thanks for submitting your videos and everyone who participated.  The winner of the May Skate Video Contest is Glynn Osburn with 309 votes, Jacob Young in second with 243 votes and Nathan Alegria with 112 votes.  Thanks Dave over at Emerica, ES and Altamont for hooking up the prizes.

June’s contest is “A day in the Park.”  All videos should be from a single skate park session, but can be at any skate park.

Thanks again to

Today is Earth Day! So Remember Eco Friendly = Snow Friendly

Arbor Collective


For the last few years the snowboard industry has been making major strides in being Eco-conscious. You see we want to keep our winters so we need to take the steps to save them. Many companies are using sustainable products in their manufacturing processes. You can find top sheets printed on soy based material, bamboo cores, recycled plastics and everything in between.


Arbor Collective has been make a huge contribution to being a truly Eco-friendly manufacturer of snowboards, skateboards, and apparel. Their entire skate and snow line is made with sustainability in mind. They are a front runner in their use of  bamboo. Because it is such a fast growing plant (up to 4 feet a day) it is quickly renewable. The bamboo and other woods that are used for Arbor’s snowboard and skateboard decks all come from sustainable groves. This same Bamboo is even used to make fabrics for their clothing line. Arbor is defiantly doing their part to save the Earth.


Eternal is making a conscious effort  to carry more and more of these green products. But companies “cleaning up their acts” is still only part of the equation. We as consumers now need to go out and use these green products and be an active part of the solution. Protect Our Winters is a non-profit dedicated to Eco education in the snow sports community. They are helping the manufacturers, resorts and consumers all work together to make decisions to save our snow. Let’s all pitch in so we have great powder for generations to come!
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