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Fancy is Too Hard

Fancy Rutherford and the “Too Hard” crew sent it out to Park City to see if they were Too Hard for the jib scene out in Utah. Take a look at what they have been up to. Featuring: Fancy Rutherford, Erin Comstock, Alexa McCarty, Corinne Pasela, Jesse Huege, and more, and filmed by Danyale Patterson.

Too Hard Park City

Fancy Rutherford Check In

The whole Eternal family has been busy snowboarding, filming and doin their thing. Time to check up on Fancy Rutherford.

Fancy Rutherford

“I have been busy filming and riding in Tahoe. And headed up to Mt Shasta next week. I had a blast judging the expression session this week at Boreal and hope to do a few more of them. I have a couple shots from the last few times I was out filming. Season is going great so far!”

Fancy Rutherford

DC Snowboards

Catching up with Fancy Rutherford

This season the Tahoe area has been slow to start but snow is on the way. Even with the lack of snow the Eternal Team has been staying busy. Let’s see what Fancy has been up to:

Well what can I say; the snowfall in Tahoe has been less than amazing this year. However I have been making the best of it, riding a lot of park and praying for snow. Without a doubt Boreal has the best park around and have been spending a lot of time up there.
Standout Female Fancy RutherfordWe were invited to make an edit in this year’s Boreal Team Video Challenge. We had a blast filming our movie “Laced” up at Boreal, for which I was awarded Standout Female! In the end the overall winner was Jibles and Bits with Eternal teammates, Jake Devine and Brendan Gerard.

A photo with the boys at the awards ceremony

A photo with the boys at the awards ceremony

Thanks Boreal and Snowboarder Mag for all your hard work!

Photographer, Ben Birk, has been at Boreal capturing the action. You can check some shots out on Transworld Snowboarding, where there is some great shots of Fancy, Jake Devine and Brendan Gerard.

January 7th we all headed up to Sierra at Tahoe for the first stop of this year’s Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam. Even with a lack of snow Sierra still managed to build a sweet course that was challenging and fun. The ladies field was really competitive and all the girls were killing it. The event had a really good vibe! I placed 2nd and will be going to Mammoth in April for the $20,000 finals.
Pray For snow !!!!
-words by Fancy Rutherford