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Eternal’s First Contest – Win a Free Custom Hoody!

contest header
Ok ladies and gents. Here it is. Eternal Snow’s 1st contest:

We want you to send in the funniest or most unique pictures of you rockin some Eternal gear.

Write ETERNAL on your forehead, put a sticker on an elephant. We don’t care if your doing handstands at Starbucks with an Eternal shirt on or your doing a backside 360 off the empire state building covered in stickers…

Just make it unique.

Surprise us, make us laugh, show us something we’ve never seen, and you could be the winner of your very own Eternal Custom color hoody.
Your entries will be reviewed and a vote by the Eternal staff will decide the winner.

UPDATE: Alright everyone. Last chance. This contest ends on Friday, December 14th. Get all your entries in now before its too late.

Legal Junk:
By entering this contest, you are allowing us use of your image.
DO NOT submit copyrighted material.

Some of Our Recent Entries:
contest entry 3
contest entry 5
contest entry 6
contest entry 9