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Lib Tech Tech: Magne-Traction, 30 Goodwood Awards and Counting.

Over the past decade, Mervin Manufacturing and specifically Lib Tech Snowboards have revolutionized the way we snowboard by taking the ideas and concepts from the Lib Tech Experimental Division and applying to actual production models. First was the introduction of Magnetraction, which allowed riders have more edge control and more fun. Then comes the banana.  Introduced in 2006, the Skate banana turned snowboarding upside with its BTX profile, easy pow ride and catch free fun.

Magne-traction:  “It’s not all butter… steak knife technology turns ice into powder.”  – Mervin Mfg.

Lib tech and Steven Cobb  invented Magne-Traction technology, and it has become a permanent staple in the Lib-tech and Gnu Snowboard lines.  A few other brands license the tech from Mervin Manufacturing, but it is pretty much exclusive to Lib, Gnu and Roxy snowboards.  Boards featuring Magne-traction have won 30 Transworld Snowboarding Goodwood awards to date.

A traditional edge is mostly straight.  Magne-Traction takes that edge and puts a serrated pattern in it. This allows for more contact points with the snow and ice.  More contact equals more control and more control is always good.   The boards I have ridden with Magnetraction are noticeably grippier, easier to turn and hold an edge very well, especially in firmer and choppier conditions.  While it won’t exactly turn bullet proof into pow-pow,  Magne-Traction does minimalize the “OH S—!“ factor when conditions are difficult.