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Eternal Snowboard Team Edit

The Eternal Snowboard Team got together to throw down on a spring day at Woodward Tahoe and Boreal Mountain. Take it in.

Eternal Snowboard Team

Featuring Andrew Brewer, Brendan Gerard, Chas Guldemond, Josh Douglas, Joey Odom, Jake Devine, Wade Godi, Andy Blanchard, Niko Nakamura, Ryland West.

Filmed by Tilghman Wendel and Brenden Lisi.

Edit by Tilghman Wendel.

Catching up with Josh Douglas

Josh has been one busy little dude this season. This season he is hitting the competition circuit hard. He has made a big commitment by bringing on a private coach, Shawn Craddick, retired pro-snowboarder and local Tahoe legend. Josh is super stoked and having fun with Shawn, not to mention learning a lot. And so far it seems to be paying off big.

Josh took 1st place at the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam at both Sierra at Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain (15 and under group).  He even scored an interview with fuel TV. But Josh didn’t stop there he has been competing in the Tahoe region USASA events as well and dominating with a USASA Rail Jam 1st place and two more USASA Slope Style 1st places.

Josh is tearing it up right now working on a back 10 for Gatorade Free Flow this weekend. He is also stepping up to the open division. He has landed a few cork 9′s this past weekend for USASA in slope style. So he is excited to throw down this weekend.

Be sure to keep up to date with Josh. His coach, Shawn Craddick, posts all sorts of pictures of Joshua on Facebook and the Boreal Blog. Josh also would like to thank Volcom and Eternal for all of their support this season.