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Picking the right longboard

Want something a little mellower than skateboarding or a new way to cross-train for snowboarding? Give longboarding a shot. Longboards have more stability and traction than skateboards and most riders use them to cruise. But before you hop on any board, make sure to choose the one that will give you the best ride possible.

Don’t run out and invest in a new sidewalk surfer before you assess your riding style. There are a lot of great boards out there, but learning how to ride will be more difficult if you start on the wrong board. If you’re just getting into longboarding or plan on just cruising around with minimal hills, then you’ll want a cruiser or carving board. If you‘re more interested in nailing some tricks or boardwalking, you’ll need a flexible freestyle or dancing deck, but if you have a need for speed, put your money down on a stiff freeride or downhill longboard.

Once you’ve got your style figured out, focus on the board shape. The pintail is the most common longboard shape and is good for more casual cruising and some small hills. Cutouts or drop-throughs are the most versatile shape and are a good investment. They’re great for cruising and have no wheelbite when carving, but they are also stable at higher speeds.

Downhill decks are good for the speedsters. They hold your feet in during fast turns and some have cutouts to eliminate the wheelbite. Cruiser decks are typically shorter and are easier to maneuver and have a kicktail for the sharp turns necessary when skating through crowded sidewalks. If you need more control, go for a shorter board until you learn to maneuver seamlessly on longer boards.

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