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Eternal Snowboard Team Edit

The Eternal Snowboard Team got together to throw down on a spring day at Woodward Tahoe and Boreal Mountain. Take it in.

Eternal Snowboard Team

Featuring Andrew Brewer, Brendan Gerard, Chas Guldemond, Josh Douglas, Joey Odom, Jake Devine, Wade Godi, Andy Blanchard, Niko Nakamura, Ryland West.

Filmed by Tilghman Wendel and Brenden Lisi.

Edit by Tilghman Wendel.

Summit Shred Sesh

With blacked out passes and tourist invasions, President’s Day Weekend leaves many snowboarders in the Reno/Tahoe area with limited riding options, often stuck at home waiting for the long weekend to pass. This year however, good friend and Reno’s own build-to-shred expert, DJ Minsart and team member Wade Godi gathered the team and friends to build a mini park of their own to shred. Loaded with 4 rails hand-crafted by DJ himself, a BBQ and a few cameras, the crew met at the Summit to set up a park run for everyone to ride.
Carrying over features

After a quick hour of set up, the rest of the day was open to shred the hand-built park.

Niko Nakamura   Muscles
Niko’s Gap to Tap                                                     Muscles…He’s a free agent

Brandon Sorel   Hank Le Master
Brandon Sorel Windin’ Up                                        Eternal Employee Hank Le Master

Ryan Stephens   Wade Godi Back Flip
Ryan Stephens Pressed Out                                    Wade’s Back Flip from Pole Jam

In the midst of a banger session, Ranger Rick stopped by to admire the set up and check on us. After a quick reminder to clean up after ourselves, we had the go ahead to keep riding.

Forest Ranger Rick

As the sun grew further West, it was time to pack it up. With 20 to 30 heads to help, the area was packed up in minutes. If you’re looking for features like these to have at your own disposal, DJ is the man to contact, willing to make any custom feature you can think of. Turned out to be a very successful day where no one had to spend money or battle long lift lines to shred!The Crew

Photos by Freddy Sanchez and Gency Warren