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2013 Ride Snowboards Are Here!

2013 Ride SnowboardsWe just received our first boards for 2013. Summer has not even had it’s first official day and we are getting snowboards. Crazy. 2013 Ride snowboards are the first ones to the door with a pre-June drop date. This is the earliest we have ever received product for the pending season. I know everyone is thinking about the beach, but why not drool a bit over next years gear and it looks good!

The Ride DH2 is the jam. It is perfectly suited for super parks. This year it offers micro-rocker in the tip and tail to keep it from getting to hooky. New for this year are Popwalls, which take Ride’s Slimewall up a notch and adds some carbon. You still retain the forgiveness of having the urethane sidewalls with a bit extra pop coming from the carbon.

This year the shape is fine tuned. Ride is using what they call the Hybrid Twin camber profile. Basically there is mico-rocker in the tip and tail and a very slight traditional camberĀ  between the feet. The camber variations from tip to tail are almost invisible, which should give it a better ride than a flat board. This board is defiantly a must ride for next season, especially if you like going big.

Ride SnowboardsCheck out the rad new designs and graphics on the 2013 Ride Buckwild, DH2, Machete, Berzerker and Women’s Ride Compact all here at Eternal.