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Skate and Snow Safety Contest

We all know that snowboarding and skateboarding are inherently dangerous sports. There has always been a bit of a stigma about using protective gear doing these sports. With some high profile athletes being injured or unfortunately passing from injury, most recently Sarah Burke, more and more people are electing to use protective gear on their own, myself included. At Eternal we wanted to take a look a some of the numbers behind injuries and protective gear in snow sports and skateboarding.

Of course the numbers support the fact that the use of protective gear especially helmets, do in fact reduce the risk of injury. Check out this info-graphic that we came up with and if you are in need of a new helmet you can enter to win a brand new Bern helmet. Look for the rules at the end of the page.

snowboarding safety

How do you enter? It’s simple.

  • Embed this info-graphic on your site with the embed code below – 3 entries
  • Leave a comment below (you must sign to Disqus in with a real account) – 1 entry
  • Facebook a link to this page (tag Eternalsnow.com) – 1 entry
  • Tweet a link to this contest (mention @eternalsnowcom) – 1 entry

You must add a link to your blog post, tweet or Facebook post in the comments section below to be considered for the contest. One lucky winner will be randomly selected on March 30, 2012. Good luck and stay safe out there!

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