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Skateboard in Downtown Reno – Thirsty Thursday

For the last three weeks Eternal’s very own Dalton Kenney has been organizing a skate session on Thursday’s in Downtown Reno. It has long been a summer tradition for our local skateboard community to meet up and have a friendly game of skate at the “Flat Spot” during these long summer nights.

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This summer we have dubbed the night “Thirsty Thursday’s” because anyone who is of age can get a drink coupon to either Pie Face Pizza Co. or Ryan’s Saloon. Eternal along with Pie Face, Ryan’s and Reno eNVy are pitching in to get the winners and some luck bystanders some swag.

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We are glad to have Dalton pick up the torch and get this summer tradition going again. The game of skate is informal and all you got to do to be a part of it is to show up. So put on your skate shoes and come down. And hey if you don’t skate no worries come and watch. Everyone is out to have a good time! Tonight July 12th everyone is going to Burgess Skate Park, in Sparks. See you there.