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IOC Finally Approves Slopstyle for 2014 Olympics

After a long deliberation, the International Olympic Committee, has now made snowboard slopestyle an official Olympic sport. This comes as some very welcome news to Olympic hopeful and Eternal team rider, Chas Guldemond. In fact upon getting this news Chas will be heading to Park City to meet with the head of US Snowboarding and to get a personalized workout program from the trainers at their world class facility. Then straight to Mt. Hood for the rest of July to coach his signature session at HCSC. This past season was incredible for Chas. He won practically everything that he entered including 1st Place 2011 European X Games Slopestyle, 1st Place 2011 Grand Prix Slopestyle, 1st Place 2011 Toyota Big Air, 1st Place 2011 Arctic Challenge, 1st Place 2011 Stuttgart Big Air. We are sending him nothing but good vibes as he will no-doubt have a hard 2 years of training leading up to the 2014 Games.

The recognition of the slopestyle event by the IOC gives a lot of validity to the sport as well as the athletes who risk it all for the sport. Everyone involved hopes to see the Olymipc slopstyle become a great success and help propel the disapline much as the 1998 Nagano games did for halfpipe. To read more about the decision and see some pics and quotes from Chas check out this ESPN article.