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Eternal Team snowboarder Alice Gong takes First at Campus Rail Jam

Alice Gong, Eternal’s top female snowboarder, also sponsored by Omatic Snowboards and Nikita clothing, took First Place for the ladies at the 2009 Cricket Campus Rail Jam held at University of Nevada, Reno April 9, 2009.

After Eternal’s shop crew threw down at Boreal, one of Eternal’s top snowboard team members took top honors at the Cricket rail jam held at UNR yesterday.

Alice has been throwing down for a while now, and yesterday was no exception. Last year Alice scored a first at the Nikita ChikitaJam at Mammoth, and hooked up with Omatic earlier this year, grabbing a position on their am team.

Nice work Alice, keep it up.

Check out campusrailjamtour.com for more info.