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Ride Ninja Helmet for your Head

The Ride Ninja Helmet is a great audio enabled helmet. It is super comfortable and has a furry interior for extra warmth on the cold days. It also vents your goggles really well. On the front of the helmet there are holes that are designed to allow for the goggles to vent out the top. I found that it worked nicely. In the past I have worn helmets that block ed the top venting on my goggles and they fogged right up. I think the best feature on this snowboard helmet is the Dialed In fir system that Ride Snowboards uses. A dial at the rear tightens it till you get a good custom fit.

Ride Ninja Helmet

Besides the good fit and venting the audio sounds great. The ear flaps have the speakers built right in. So all you got to do is plugin your tunes and your set. I find it is a great defense for talking to boring old skiers.

If you are in the market for a new helmet the Ride Ninja Helmet is defiantly one to consider. I give it a thumbs up. So get one right here at EternalSnow.com.