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2013 Union Atlas Bindings

This years Union Atlas Bindings have arrived!   These bindings are light, strong and versatile and are recommended for all riders interested in shredding to the max.  We were pretty excited to see the 35 boxes come off the UPS truck and into our warehouse.  The first binding I picked up is the Matte Green Atlas, and I liked what I saw, felt and heard as the buckles easily slid through the ladders.

Union Atlas Matte GreenThe Atlas is a mid to high price binding at $239.95, but even just out of the box this binding shows its value.  The Matte Green Atlas that I took out was highlighted with flourescent green, and looks pretty cool.  It helps that green is my favorite color.  The Atlas is also pretty light, and once I started squeezing the starts and twisting the high back, I could tell this binding was definitely not a show pony.

Union Atlas Metallic BlueThe Atlas uses Union’s stage III  Atlas Baseplate which uses Dupont Zytel ST nylon and has a minimal footprint to prevent dead spots in the snowboard’s flex.   There is also two densities of EVA foam on the bottom to reduce vibration and aid in smooth board flex.  This adds up to a very lightweight and strong base that creates a comfortable and responsive ride.  All Union bindings come with a lifetime warranty on the base plate and heel cup.

Union Atlas Metallic Blue Close

The straps are pretty rad as well.  The ankle strap has a 3D construction which allows it to contour around the boot and has a good cushion of multi-density foams to give support where it is need without any hot spots.  There is also a convenient tool less adjustment.  The toe strap is very versatile in that it can be set all the way forward for the “toe cap” usage, completely vertical for the classic strap feel, and all spots in between.  This allows the binding to fit a variety of boots well without having to do too many adjustments.

Union Atlas Matte StoneUnion Atlas Matte Black

One of the stand out parts of the Atlas is the high back.  Designed to function even better than it looks, the symmetrical zonal ribs increase the stiffness of the high back  as they get closer to the heel for more response and support.  Towards the top of the high back the flex is increased to allow for extra tweakage and steez.   The best of both worlds are joined to allow for good mobility, support and response.

The Union Atlas is a medium flex binding and comes in several colors.  Leave a comment and let us know what you think, which color is your favorite and if you have had a chance to ride these give us your review.


2013 Union Force Bindings

Union Force Binding Black

In case you haven’t heard, Union Bindings are pretty good and the Union Force Binding is the go to binding for riders looking for a durable, responsive, versatile and comfortable snowboard binding.  Priced at $200,  the Force is the # 1 selling binding in the Union line up, and for good reason.

Union Force GreenFrom Pros to weekend warriors, the Force has what every rider needs in a binding.  With a lifetime warranty on the Dupont Zytel ST nylon base plate and extruded anodized aluminum heel hoop, Union guarantees its snowboard bindings will hold up to whatever riders can charge through, on or over.  EVA foam  bumpers on the base help dampen vibrations and the hallowed out portions on the bottom help the snowboard flex with the binding, not against it.

The multi-zone high back is designed for the free style rider that still wants to lay down some carves or get lost in the powder.  At the heel, the high-back wraps around the boot and provides stability and support needed for aggressive turning, but towards the top the high back flattens out and allows for flexibility needed on rails and super tweaked method grabs.  The tool-less forward lean adjustment also leaves one less thing to worry about.Union Force Binding Purple

The Union Force Bindings also have very adjustable straps that will fit almost any snowboard boot purchased in the last decade (if yours are more than 10 years old, you may want to check out some new snowboard boots).  The ankle strap has foam and air bubbles inside for a comfortable and secure fit over the boot.  There is a tool-less adjustment for the ankle length and the magnesium ratchets lock down nice and tight.  The toe strap is very versatile as there is about 90 degrees of adjustability to work with: put it over the foot, old school top strap style; move it forward for the “toe cap” fit; keep moving it till you find your own sweet spot.  These bindings will keep you strapped in all day.Union Force Binding Black

The workhorse of the Union Binding Company line up, the Force is an excellent choice for just about any rider.  It has a medium flex and may be a bit too aggressive for the absolute beginner, but any rider that is linking turns and looking to get into the park more will  appreciate this binding.  Many seasoned riders come into the shop specifically asking for this binding,  and it is a great choice for the all mountain ripper as well.  With so many colors to choose from, there is a Force binding out there for everyone.   Get a few friends to buy some with you, swap around straps, ratchets and high backs and have a binding custom colorway party!

Let us know what your favorite color is in the comments and give us your review of the Union Force Binding.

2013 Union Contact Pro Binding

The Union Contact Pro binding is designed  and ridden by GiGi Rüf and is a great snowboard binding for the lighter, powerful rider that does not want to compromise between flexibility and response.  The Contact Pro looks amazing as well, and is one of my favorite bindings in the Union Binding Company line up.Union Contact Pro Black

Using the Contact as it’s starting point, GiGi has enhanced key areas of the binding to create the Contact Pro.  A medium flex binding,  the Contact Pro’s baseplate is the same minimal footprint as the Contact, but the  Dupont Zytel ST nylon also has carbon fiber injected to increase stiffness and response without adding weight.  The heel cup has been milled out as well to reduce weight with out compromising integrity.  At $220, the Contact Pro maintains Union’s lifetime warranty on the heel cup and baseplate.Union Contact Pro Purple-Green

The highback is probably my favorite parts of the Contact Pro.  GiGi designed this to not only look rad, but also to have the softer flex at the top and stiffer flex at the bottom, just where he likes it.  This allows for endless possibilities of tweakage when grabbing stalefish, while keeping the landing gear solid.

Union Contact Pro Black

The straps are also upgraded on the Contact Pro to make the ultimate high performance free style fit that GiGi wants.  The multi position toe strap lets you  strap your boot in where it fits best.  The ankle strap features the upgraded multi-layer foam and air bubble combo and is tapered for a better fit.  Union calls it True Fit technology.   I call it snug as a thug in a rug.  No matter what you call it, the magnesium buckles will keep you locked in and on point in the park, powder or street.Union Contact Pro  Purple-Green

Although the Contact Pro has me sold just on how good it looks, the upgrades from the Contact are definitely worth the extra $40.   Union and GiGi have worked together to create a lightweight, all terrain dragon slayer of a binding that will incinerate just about anything you put before it.  While the price and features may be a bit much for the absolute beginner, this binding is an excellent choice for the seasoned veteran, especially the powerful riders that hover around the welterweight class.

Which color do you like?  Let us know in the comments and send us your own review and thoughts on the Union Contact Pro binding.