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Heading to Symbiosis?

There is still time to get out to Symbiosis this weekend. This year there are sure to be a ton of good vibes because of the annular eclipse. The eclipse is an event that we will not have this good of an vantage point for another 42 years. As most of you know Symbiosis is just a warm up event for the big kahuna of all desert events, Burning Man. Out here in the high Nevada deserts there are a few items that are essential for gatherings of dancing people in the dust.

Face Masks are a must.

With a few thousand of your closest friends dancing from dusk till dawn there is going to be a lot of dust in the air. A great way to keep it out of you is to arm your self with a face mask. If you are going to wear a face mask it might as well be a steezy one from Wrong Gear.

A pair or three of inexpensive sunglasses are a necessity.

The sun in the desert is brutal and there are far more sunny days than not out here. A good idea for these gatherings is to load up on a couple of cheapies. This way if you misplace, break, or barter your first pair you still have some waiting in the wings.

Stay cool and dry with boardshorts.

While you always want to bring a wacky costume to wear, you may want to put some boardshorts at the base of that outfit. The beauty of wearing boardshorts is that they are light weight and when you get sprayed down with water you will dry out quick. You can even get a retro look with some Volcom boardshorts.

This little piggy can’t dance barefoot for 3 days.

Some people can make it barefoot but for the rest of us dancing around for days can be rough on the old dogs. A good way to go is a good Vans canvas shoe or some solid sandals. You don’t want those $3 sandals from the gas station cause you may bust those in hour three of a five day festival. Sanuk sandals are bound to last you years of festivals.

Memories can get hazy, take HD video.

What better way to remember an action packed weekend then with some HD video. A GoPro will certainly do the trick here. Strap it to your chest and hit record. I am sure you will capture some awesome moments.

Keep your “beverages” nice and cold.

What ever you are drinking out in the desert you will want to keep them cold. Take a Burton Beracuda with you and you will be set.

Of course do not forget to bring sunscreen and plenty of water. Follow these tips and you are bound to have a great time at any outdoor gathering or festival this summer.

Have Fun!