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Eternal Skate Team Shreds Woodward Tahoe

The Eternal Skate Team loaded up the car with skateboards, cameras and trusty crusty skate shoes, and headed up to The Bunker once again.  It was another beautiful summer day and nice to get up in the cool mountain air of Woodward Tahoe.  A fifteen degree drop in temperature is always a refreshing change from the heat of Reno.

On board for this outing from the skate team was Jake Pierson, Robert Landers, Adam Heywood, Glynn Osburn and Cameron Agundez, with a guest appearance from Wade Godi, who is on our snowboard team.  In order to make sure we didn’t miss any of the days action our friends Edgar “Pineapple” Rivera, Mike Lee Huntsman and Kyle Volland came armed with cameras. Here is a taste of what went down.

Woodward Tahoe BunkerJake Robert and Cameron

There were about 47 campers up at Woodward Tahoe this week.  This is the fourth and newest Woodward camp in the country that gives kids a chance to improve their snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX, skiing, or cheerleading skills in the not so typical summer camp atmosphere.  They also have a digital media camp that teaches the campers how to get the best angle on the shot and put the finishing touches on their video. One of the cool things about Woodward is that campers get access to all of the camp’s facilities, so we see skaters on the trampolines and cheerleaders strapping in and hitting the mega foam ramp on Woodward Tahoes specially designed roller snowboards.  Skiers are shredding in the skate park and everyone using GoPros to record the action.

Most of the Eternal Skate Team started out cruising the park and sessioning the Euro Gap.

Woodward Camper over the EuroWoodward Camper over the EuroEternal Team Skater Adam with Woodward CampersWoodward Camper

Three of the campers were showing the boys what they could do as well.  We saw ollies, shuv-its, kickflips and more.  Campers are required to wear helmets and pads. We saw a couple of good falls, but no injuries.

Adam on the Vert Wall

Adam Heywood was killing it on the vert wall, charging as hard as he could to get to the top of it.   He was dropping in from the other side of the park, pushing as fast as he could and boosting up the wall.  I didn’t get the measuring tape out, but you can see how high it is from the picture.  Each try he was getting a little bit higher and this one was the highest that we saw.


Robert over the Doorway


Robert Landers was blowing up the doorway and put in some good time getting some tricks in.  He was trying a rock to fakie for awhile and did some gap ollies, but eventually started going for this 5-0 over the top.  Edgar was there to get the shot as well.


Jake in the closet quarter pipeJake is our youngest skater, but don’t let his age and small size fool you.  He was throwing down hard and the Bunker at Woodward is a perfect place for him to hone his skills. Check out how high he gets on this hidden quarter pipe.  There is not a whole lot of room to turn in there, but he makes it look easy.



Glynn in the Bunker

Glynn Osburn had  some rad tricks over hip.  He always has a unique style that you know is his.  He was throwing flip tricks, 360′s and more.  This tuck knee with a crail grab is gnarly, and so is the look on his face.




Cam over the Euro


Cameron Agundez was getting nasty over the Euro Gap.  This backside 180 kick flip is not an easy trick to do, especially over an obstacle.



Wade in the bunker

Armed with his Eternal shop deck and custom orange grab rails, Wade Godi showed the new kids all his old school tricks.   He carved up the park with his snowboard style, did some 50-50 grinds on the copings and blasted some bonelesses off of the hips.




Everyone got nice and sweaty, but they sure weren’t done yet.  After dinner and a quick recharge, the skate team along with all of the campers headed over to the mini-ramp and new street course.  Woodward just installed the street course, and there is a lot of fun new stuff to skate. Small quarter pipes, a spine, mannal pads, rollers and a banked manny make this mini shred park a great place to work on the basics and try new tricks. Afterwords, the campers usually scramble to get a seat in the golf cart so they can get a ride back to the bunker. Most of them ended up walking.  But that’s not such a big deal when its at Woodward.

Woodward TahoeWoodward Tahoe outdoor parkCampers at Woodward


Thanks to Woodward Tahoe for giving Eternal and our skate team the amazing opportunity to be a part of the camp.  Also a special thanks to Edgar “Pineapple” Rivera, Mike Lee Huntsman and Kyle Volland for taking video and pictures.


Andrew Brewer Summer Shred at Woodward Tahoe

Eternal team member Andrew Brewer was lucky enough to spend sometime and even coach some campers up at Woodward Tahoe earlier this summer. Brewer was also testing out some of his new 2013 signature line for Technine. This summer also marked the inaugural summer for Woodward Tahoe. Peep the edit that Brewer and The Bang Show put together.


While the snow camps are over there are still four more summer camps to go up at Woodward in the incredible new facility called “The Bunker.” In fact we are giving away a session to the last camp of the season, August 5-11th. Click Here to enter and for the full details.


Chas Guldemond Will be at the Woodward Tahoe Grand Opening!

Chas Guldemond has had a great winter with wins all over the world including the title of World Champion in slope style. With such a good winter Chas is certainly looking forward to summer. But the snowboarding is not quite over. This Saturday, June 9th, Chas will be making a guest appearance at the grand opening of Woodward Tahoe up at Boreal here in Tahoe. Here is what Chuck will be up to this summer right from the man himself.

“Man am I stoked for Summer! It was a long winter and a really successful one at that. I traveled all over the world and had a lot of fun and visited some of my favorite places. To name a few, Oslo Norway for the World champs, Sapporo Japan for the Toyota big Air and Mammoth for the Grand Prix!

Chas Guldemond TTR World Champion

Now it is time for summer mode. I just bought a new mountain bike so I will be ripping that around town and in the mountains to get my legs going. As always I will be training hard in the Gym and working with a trainer to take my fitness to the next level. My summer hobbies are endless it seams from dirt biking and skating to wake boarding and chilling with my dogs. To cap it all of I will be testing some of my new Board designs at mount hood in July.

Its going to be a busy summer filled with stuff to do but I am stoked to take a little break for the shred and do some of the things that make me happy.”

~Chas Guldemond

Winter Wrap Up

Well the season that never was is finally coming to an end. We had a very late start to winter, but we made the best of it. Thankfully we had a good March and early April. The snow started falling hard here in Tahoe. Good thing too because we got the bulk of our snow for the entire season right at the end. In fact one of the best powder days of the season was on April Fools’ Day, no joke.

Chas GuldemondThe Eternal team riders made the best of what snow we had. Chas Guldemond had a banger competitive season. He made his mark by being crowned 2012 World Snowboard Champion Slopestyle in Oslo. This was a big win as the World Championships are only held every four years. Chas picked up top spot at the 2012 Toyota Big Air and 2012 Burton Canadian Open. Chas has also started working out and training with the US Snowboard team in anticipation of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. It has been a busy year for Chas in fact he is just coming back home after filming with Standard Films.

Andrew BrewerAndrew Brewer has been non-stop filming with Technine and FMF for what I am sure will be another super progressive part. He started off the season gracing the cover of Transworld, as well as our own 2012 catalog. We are also excited for Brewer as he is getting an entire pro model line from Technine including snowboards and outerwear. But just because the snow is melting does not mean he is done, Brewer will be a coaching at the all new Camp Woodward Tahoe located at Boreal Mountain here in Tahoe, with the first ever summer snowboard camp at Boreal scheduled for June.

So now it is time to dust off the skateboard, bike, golf clubs, surfboard, or roller-blades, because the days are long and the weather is warm. And by the way if you need to look good this summer we still carry all kinds of the latest and greatest summer gear and styley skateboard shoes from DC, DVS, Vans, Emerica, Lakai and more.

Brewer to coach at Woodward Tahoe

YouTube Preview Image

The Woodward building “aka The Bunker” is getting close to completion.  Master Builder Nate Wessel is currently on-site designing the interior, building ramps and seeing his vision come to life.  Boreal and their snow-making crew is also making a huge commitment by blowing as much snow as possible now so they can have snow sessions for summer camp.  The new Woodward Tahoe website has launched, and campers are already signing up.  Most importantly, the action sports community is taking notice of the happenings at Boreal and big pros are beginning to sign-on to be a part of Woodward Tahoe’s inaugural season. We are super excited as Eternal’s own Andrew Brewer is set to be the guest coach for Week #4 July 1-7.

This is going to be an exciting summer. You can find out more at Woodwardtahoe.com. In the mean time check out the teaser that they put together.