Brandon Sorel

Brandon Sorel Where are you from?
Berkshire County, MA

Where are you now?
North Lake Tahoe, CA

What are you rockin?
So I currently ride a Burton Knowbuddy Knows 152, Burton Malativa EST bindings with the Burton Ion Boot.  I usually wear some pants that are way below my waist, and hoodies depending how cold it is. No need for jackets in Cali.  Face is hidden by a camo facemask from Cabelas with Anons or Oakleys when its snowing…shades when it’s nice.

Goofy or Regular?

Brandon Sorel Photo by Hailey KreisBrandon Sorel

Favorite Mountain?
Brodie Mountain (RIP)

Contests Entered/Placed:
1st place in Wing eating contest at Hooters, followed by 2st place in their wet T-shirt contest 2010.

Companies You Support: 
Burton Snowboards, Anon Optics, The Garden, Strap’d UP, The Collective Clothing Co, and gotta shout out The Gremlinz!

Anything else you want to say about yourself?
Why have a girlfriend when I can have yours?

Brandon Sorel    Brandon Sorel


Brandon Sorel    Brandon Sorel

Brandon Sorel Photo by Jake Vivori    Brandon Sorel