Tilghman Wendel

Tilghman WendelHometown:
Reno, NV

Current Location:
Truckee, CA

Current Setup:
Flow Era 155, Flow NX2-AT Bindings, Flow Talon Boot, Konvulsion x Sessions Jacket.

Goofy or Regular:

Favorite Mountain:Tilghman Front Board
Mt. Rose for pow and Boreal for park.

Companies You Support:
Eternal, Flow & Konvulsion

Anything else you want to say about yourself:
Back in the day when slavery was big in America, their owners kept slaves ignorant because it made them weak. Thus spawned the term “Each one, teach one.” This promoted the sharing of knowledge between slaves who had access to knowledge and the ignorant ones in an attempt to increase their education and thus their power. This is a sad metaphor to the lower class of America that works for low wages and gets their news from the television. They’re stupid, weak and easily manipulated. We live in a time when the information that truly moves and shakes our planet is either taboo or not being discussed in mainstream outlets. Consequently, mainstream is ignorant and ignorance is weakness. Be knowledgable, know yourself, discuss real shit with real heads, turn off the evening news and tune in to what’s real. Each one, teach one.

Tilghman Board SlideTilghman Back Tail

  • Travis Riley

    My man! Get it Tilghman!

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  • Elwood

    shredit brah!

  • Whodatgoodat

    Tilghman is ill man.